About Us

I started breeding German Shorthaired Pointers in 1969. My first GSP came from the Von Thalberg Kennels in California. "Stormy " was out of FC Thalbergs Seagraves Chayne.
  I soon learned what a remarkable breed they are. Their outstanding temperaments make them both a great family companion as well as the best hunting dog anyone could ask for. We strive for that natural hunting quality as well as a stable, loyal family dog. This breed of dogs will do whatever you ask of them.
 They love to have a job whether it be hunting either on land or water,or babysitting the family.
 German Shorthairs are a high energy dog and need the ability to go for a good run daily.  So if you are up to a great jogging, hunting,or just the best  family dog ,this is the breed for you.. 
 For further info on this outstanding breed, you can contact us at 315-617-2881
or e-mail @ steinhoffpointers@gmail.com